Change Your .Blogspot URL To .Com

Change your .blogspot to .com domain

Do you have a Blogspot blog and would like to change your Blogger url to a .com address?

I can get it done for you.

Yes, I will change your blogspot url from www.yourblog.blogspot.com to www.yourblog.com and I will also create a customized email address (domain email address) for you e.g admin@yourblog.com.

This service costs just ₦9,000 ($20).

Blogger has updated the CNAME setup settings for Custom domains which now requires that you have two CNAME records entered in your DNS settings for your custom domain to work with your Blogspot blog.

Hence, only Blogspot professionals like me can now set up custom domain for blogspot blogs.

If you try doing it yourself using the old method, your domain name will not work with your blog. So, don't stress yourself. Let me do it for you.

Here are some reasons you should change to .com
  1. It makes people see you as a serious blogger
  2. It makes your blog sounds professional
  3. It lets your readers trust you more. A reader might prefer to do business on a site with www.yourblog.com than doing business with a site like www.yourblog.blogspot.com
  4. Should in case Google deletes your blog (legally or mistakenly), you can redirect your .com address to a new blog and your readers will still be able to connect to you.
  5. It makes your blog look unique on the web. If a sharp blogger registers www.yourblog.com while you are still using www.yourblog.blogspot.com, your blog will not be unique. 
  6. It lets you build the pagerank for your brand as soon as possible.
  7. It puts an end to situations where your.blogspot address changes from .blogspot.com to .blogspot.it, .blogspot.in, blogspot.co.uk etc
  8. It lets you secure your domain name before cybersquatters buy it to sell to you later at a very ridiculous price.
  9. You can have email addresses on the same domain name (like you@yourdomain.com)
  10. You can create subdomains (such as blog.yourdomain.com)
  11. .........etc

FAQs About Changing From .blogspot To .com

Will I still be posting to my blog from Blogger dashboard?
Yes. Only the address will change. Nothing else. That is, you will still have access to your Blogger dashboard and do things you normally do, the way you use to do it.

Will I be paying 9, 000 every year?
NO. The ₦9, 000 includes the money I will pay the domain name registrar to register the domain name for you and also for my services. You will pay ₦9,000 to me once. You renew the domain every year with LESS than ₦5, 000.

How will I be renewing the custom domain name?
Once I set it up for you, you will have full access to your domain name dashboard. From there, you can always make renewal payment by yourself. I will guide you.

Where will you register the domain name?
I use top domain name registrars: Namecheap and GoDaddy. Hence, you can be rest assured that your custom domain will always be flying.

Can't I Get The Customized Email for My Blog Without Changing To .com?
You can only create a customized email for a Blogger custom domain and not for the free .blogspot address

How Long Will It Take You To Set This Up For Me?
Within 24 hours. Everything will be working before you go to bed.

What Will You Need From Me To Set it Up For Me?
Once I confirm your payment for the service, I will contact you to send me your full name, address, email address, phone number and the .com address you want to use. I will use all the info to register your custom domain name.

Won't You Need the Login Details To My Blog?
NO. I don't need it. I will set up all the configurations from the DNS management console of the registered domain name. Instead of having access to your blog, I will tell you how to enter the domain name in your Blogger.

Ok, I am interested. What Should I Do?
If you are ready to create a custom domain for your blogger blog; i.e want to change your .blogspot address to .com,

Send a mail to info@cscprogrammingtutorials.com with the subject "I want to change my blogspot address to .com". I will get back to you asap.

How To Pay

You can pay into my bank account at the bank, at ATM or online via Neteller.

Kindly contact me to request for my bank account details.

For more inquiries, please email: info@cscprogrammingtutorials.com


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