Thursday, November 24, 2016

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5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Enhance Your Productivity

5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Enhance Your Productivity

Smartphones are an essential feature of our lives in today’s digital world. However, many people deploy it to social media and simply checking their emails. But there is more you can do with your smartphone when it comes to making you more productive than ever. Want to know how you can do this? Read on!

You can work from anywhere

One of the best things your smartphone can do for you is that you can work from anywhere. As far as you have data on your phone, you have access to any file you want. You can use programs or software like Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox to perform your duties.

You can simplify what you’re carrying

You can lighten what you are carrying by using your phone. Rather than writing down the information you need to remember, you can take a picture. You don’t even need a notebook or a pen anymore.

You can plan your whole day on your phone

With smartphones, you can plan your day on your phone. You can use calendar app with timed notifications and GPS directions to plan and get to all your meetings. You can also book hotels in Lagos, buy airline tickets and order for a taxi on your mobile phone.

Staying in touch and updated with smartphones

You can stay in the loop

With your smartphone, you have access to the whole world. You can browse the latest information, it also allows you send text messages, calls, Instant Messages and email. Hence, you don’t need to miss anything anymore because you are always in the loop and online.

You can get things done faster

Your smartphone can significantly reduce the time you spend on doing anything. You can get email notifications, you can dictate and record notes. This is because there are now apps that make this possible.


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