Friday, June 24, 2016

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What Is DivX?

Technology - The times are certainly changing and it seems each day something new arrives to intrigue us. We’ve been hearing all about DivX, but what is DivX?

DivX is a digital video codec compression decompression format that is based on the technology of MPEG-4. These files can be downloaded over a high speed connection very quickly without sacrificing the quality of the digital video; so it is an excellent choice for exchanging video files over the Internet.

DivX was originally developed for DVD encoding because of its high quality at such a low bit rate (650 mb=90 min at 640x480 standard bit rate). It was once thought it could be used to create an alternative to video rentals. However it lived a short life expectancy in the DVD world; instead becoming a popular Internet video tool.

The DivX player is a downloadable program that lets you download multiple videos. You can pause and resume the downloads at any time and easily add URLs. You can organize your video collections so they are easy to access and you can quickly drag and drop, then burn your multiple DivX videos to a CD or DVD.

You can watch any DivX video with your player right on your computer and you can also watch any rented DivX movies. If you prefer to watch your movies on your big screen TV while relaxing in your favorite chair it’s no problem. You just burn them to disk.

DivX is an advanced digital video codec which plugs into a variety of video software applications that are available. It allows you to create high quality videos which are then compressed so you can fit several movies onto a single CD.

And you can convert your videos to DivX in no time. Just drag and drop your favorite movie into the DivX converter and you’re done. The rest will be taken care of by the converter. The compression ratio of 25:1 means you can fit one full DVD movie on a regular CD. That’s pretty impressive.

And now you can do some searching online and discover all the great sites with free movie downloads. It won’t be long before you’ll have a terrific video collection on your system and it won’t be taking up hardly any space.

If you think DivX is something you could find useful, be sure to visit some of the resource sites online to learn how to effectively use it. And then don’t you think it’s time to start building that movie collection?


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