Wednesday, August 20, 2014


3x3 Matrix Multiplication Using Pascal Programming


  1. When I do the multiplication, I get
    [30 23 19 ]
    [84 65 58 ]
    [138 107 97 ]
    What could be going on that my calculation is close but differs from yours?

    1. This site agrees with me:*B

    2. Hi Tom. I just rechecked the program and got the same answer as before. You can view the screenshot here - I guess the problem is your input. Check! In this case, when prompted to enter the elements for matrix A, type 1 then press ENTER, type 2 and press ENTER, to 9. For matrix B, type 9 then press ENTER, type 8 and press ENTER, to 1. I also solved the problem manually on paper just to make sure it was correct. Also check your code.

  2. I found the difference: I was going by your image, which has 978 instead of 987 in the top row. Funny :D


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