Friday, June 30, 2017

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Top 5 Truths About the Dark Web

Top 5 Truths About the Dark Web

The internet is accessible to anybody and everybody. Is this really true when you consider the existence of the dark web? Dark web is an entire internet that can't be viewed through traditional browsers and requires special software to access. Consequently, it can be used to do all sorts of activities both legal and illegal. Therefore, it is important to know some truths about the dark web due to the unlimited stories that have been told about it. In line with this, we share five truths about the dark web.

1. Access what others cannot

Due to the fact that dark web is masked and veiled with the help of software, people perform all sorts of illicit things. You can access anything you so desire notwithstanding if it is good or bad. This is why the government are always after them but they are very sophisticated.

2. It is penetrable

With the right software, you can access the dark web. Law enforcement agencies have arrested hundreds of dark web criminals. But be careful simply because the dark web is accessible doesn't mean it's safe.

3. Home for Hackers

When hackers invade your system and you cannot find any trace or the source of the hack, it may have come from the dark web. So, you need to enhance the security of your systems and network.

4. It is not safe

The dark web is not safe. Except you are looking to do some nefarious things, you do not need to go there. For the layman or novice, all your information can be stolen and your system hacked if you are careless.

5. It is not 100% anonymous

The anonymity on the dark web is not 100%. Your cover can be blown, again, with the use of the right program. A good example of this is the Silk Road founder, Ross Ulbricht who left several digital artifacts, including his Gmail address, on clearnet forums related to his Dark Web activity. Ulbricht's digital breadcrumb trails helped the FBI uncover his IRL identity and he was arrested and sentenced to life in jail. Silk Road is a marketplace for buying drugs.
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Saturday, May 20, 2017

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7 Reasons You Should Expose Your Kids to Modern Day Technology

7 Reasons You Should Expose Your Kids to Modern Day Technology

Technology is not good for children. This is what some people have led us to believe. This is not true. There are countless benefits children will gain from being exposed to modern day technology. If you deny, be assured that they will search for other means to learn themselves because clearly, children of nowadays are smart and they pick up things easily. If you are still skeptical about exposing your child to technology, these reasons below should convince you to change your stance. The only question you should have in mind is when is the right time to expose these kids to technology?

1. Higher concentration

When kids play games and perform tasks on handheld devices, they need to concentrate on completing the task. These series of activities will gradually help them pay close attention to things whether they are playing with the device or not.

2. Enhances social interaction

Technology is fast becoming a common feature in classes. You find children using tablets and support educational technologies to do school work. And since they do school work with these tech tools, kids will be able to interact more and share among their peers. A parent should not frown at their kids when they use these tech devices for educational purposes.

3. Expands Horizons

There are so many things children will learn from technology. As there are negatives, there are also positives. The onus is on you to ensure that they do not see the negative side of technology. This said technology expand the knowledge of a child to a level far beyond their age. They see things that they cannot learn in class. You will observe that you are developing a well-rounded and confident kid who can express him/herself anywhere.

4. Improve cognitive performance

There are synergistic apps, video games, and various kinds of educational challenges and programs available on different devices which are good for developing the cognitive functions of your kid. Unknown to you are grooming a genius!

5. More fun for kids

At that very young age, kids love to play. And intelligent and smart way to allow them to play games that require strategic thinking. Through this, they are having fun and also learning.

6. Gives them an early sense of direction

At a very tender age, quite a number of people do not know what lies ahead of them. With technology, they have a fair idea of what they want to do. And if you are able to guide them, they will certainly have a direction on where they are heading.

7. Equip them with skills need for the future

There is no gainsaying technology is the future. Anyone without tech skills will naturally fizzle out and he or she will be forced to acquire these skills. Hence, it is a good idea to equip them with these skills when they are growing.
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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8 Guaranteed Tips to Minimise Radiation When You Use Your Mobile Phone

8 Guaranteed tips to minimise radiation from mobile phones

Mobile phones release low radio frequency energy which is a form of non-ionizing radiation. The frequent exposure of the body to this radiation, forces it to absorb the energy which can lead to serious health issues. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has labelled mobile phones radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans. Accordingly, we have gathered 8 ways to reduce radiation when you use your mobile phone.
  1. Use the speakerphone
  2. You may not use speakerphone in public. However, when you are at home, you can use your speakerphone.

  3. Don’t put the mobile phone to your ear until the call connects
  4. We all do it. We put the phone to our ears before it connects. To be on a safe side, put your phone on speaker until when the call is picked. You can then put it in your ears after it connects.

  5. Keep your cell phone far away from you
  6. For those who sleep with their phones very close to them, this is perhaps the time to stop that habit. Keep your phones as far away from you as possible. You do not want your phone emitting dangerous energy into your body while sleeping.

  7. Avoid wearing Bluetooth always
  8. Bluetooth wireless devices expose you to radiation. However, the radiation is not as much as that of your phone. In any case. you should not wear Bluetooth always.

  9. Keep your phone fully charged
  10. Your phone is more likely to emit radiation when the battery is low. This is because your phone is forcing itself to connect to the network. It is easy for your to find the network when the battery is fully charged. As a caution, do not make calls with low battery mobile phones.

  11. Use the earplugs
  12. Phones usually come with earphones. They are not there for fun. Hence, rather than use your phone to talk, you should use your earplugs.

  13. Text instead of calling
  14. Nowadays, you do not even need to use text messages. There are messaging platforms you can use for chatting including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and BBM.

  15. Take a phone break
  16. You can take a break from your phone. This does not mean you should leave your phone at home. You should just reduce usage.
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Friday, May 5, 2017

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5 Ways to Protect Your Mobile Phone From Damage

5 Ways to Protect Your Mobile Phone From Damage

Nowadays, the mobile phone is an important part of our life. You do a lot of things with it that you do not want anything to happen to it. It is, therefore, necessary that you protect your phone from damage. Nothing is more excruciating than to see your phone getting scratched or having a cracked screen. In line with this, we share five tips on how to protect your phone from damage.

1. Use a Screen Protector

The screen of your phone is the most sensitive and fragile part of your mobile. So, whenever your phone drops from your hand, it is the first thing that is affected. If you are lucky the screen may not crack. But if you use a screen protector, you do not need to worry too much about the screen cracking. Be careful and prevent your phone from dropping.

2. Hold your phone firmly

Your hand is not slippery. So, why is your phone always dropping? The answer to this is that you do not hold your phone firmly. Henceforth, always have a good grip of your handset, so that it will stop falling.

3. Waterproof the Device

There are very few gadgets out that do not get damaged when they drop in water. Clearly, you know that water and phones are enemies. You can visit your phone store to waterproof it.

4. Do not leave it unattended

Always keep your phone in a safe place so that it will not be accessed by your friends and kids. Kids are culpable here. You have to be keep away from them so that they will not destroy it before you return.

5. Use a Phone Case

This is another way to protect your phone when it drops. If your phone does not use a phone case, you should buy one. It will not only shield your mobile, it will also beautify it.
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Sunday, April 30, 2017

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7 Simple Tips to Become a Smartphone Typing Guru

7 Simple Tips to Become a Smartphone Typing Guru

When you see some persons typing with their smartphone, they are very slow. Their slowness can be compared with that of a snail. Meanwhile, there are others, you see their hands conveniently sliding from one alphabet to another and before you know it, they are done sending that text, WhatsApp, Facebook or BBM message. You will be tempted to ask how they type so fast! No, please don’t ask. These tips shared below should help you become a typing expert just like your friend. You can even be better!

1. Identify a typing position that works for you

One thing you should do first is to find the best typing position that sooth you. If you are able to identify that position, it will be very easy for you to type fast. In addition, some people prefer to type with their phones either horizontally while others prefer vertically. You should decide the one you are comfortable with.

2. Two thumbs or one index finger

Whenever you want to type, you should always use either your two thumbs or index finger. Also, try as much as possible to look at the screen instead of the keyboard whenever you are typing.

3. Activate autocorrect and word predictions

Autocorrect have put some people in trouble. The only thing you should do is to apologise and blame autocorrect. However, activate still autocorrect and word predictions. This is because auto-correct will automatically correct any spelling mistake and word predictions will predict words. But before you send the message do not forget to edit.

4. Voice typing

You can also type by speaking in your device. This can increase your typing speed. It is cool because as you are speaking your phone is typing! The only shortcoming here is that you have to repeat yourself several times. Despite this, it is a reliable way to become a typing expert.

5. Use third party keyboard

Do not use the default keyboard app that comes with your phone. It is just unreliable. Download a third party keyboard app for your typing. A very good one is Swiftkey. It is fast and responsive.

6. Swipe to type

This is a feature you get from Swiftkey. It allows you to swipe to type. It first takes your swipe gestures and then suggests the words you want to type. You can then select the word you want. You have to swipe properly so that you can get the correct suggestions.

7. Double-tap spacebar for full stop

This is very simple but few people know about it. You should double-tap spacebar for a full stop.
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Thursday, April 27, 2017

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7 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Can Search With Google Images

7 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Can Search With Google Images

The only time most people think of Google Images is when they want to search for pictures. Well, if you don’t know, there are a whole lot of things you can do with Google Images beyond pictures. Here are seven things you can search with Google images.

1. Scanned photos

Google now has an app called photos can which you can use to digitize all your old photos. After, digitizing your scanned photos, you will be able to search for these photos on Google images. This means that you can instantly access these photos anytime you need them.

2. Events

Google images also let you search for the images of events you have taken their photos. You can search for picnic, birthday, or wedding displayed good results. You can also search for football, tennis and basketball.

3. Objects, things and items

You can search for photos based on particular objects, things and item. The objects may include water, monuments, flowers and cakes. It can also tailor your search to specific region or place.

4. Time

There are different ways you can search for photos based on when they were taken. You can type a specific date (for example 22 September 2010), or even a particular year to see all the photos taken then.

5. Name

Google recognizes people from their photos, so you simply type the names of whoever you are searching and everything about them will appear in search. Of course, the search results will be in pictures.

6. Place

You have to switch on the geo-tagging feature (a feature that allows you to mark the locations where your photos are shot) of your phone to make this possible to search for specific places and see all the photos taken there.

7. File type

In this case, you have to use advanced image search where you will find the file type filter. So, when next you want to search for a file, you can you the advanced image search option.
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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7 Gadget-saving Rules For Repairing Your Faulty Device at Computer Village

7 Gadget-saving Rules For Repairing Your Faulty Device at Computer Village

There is no doubt that computer village in Ikeja, Lagos is one of the best places to take your damaged or faulty device for repairs. However, there are so many shenanigans that happen there that if you are not careful your gadget will be further damaged or it will never return home with you. Some people have had bitter experiences. You do not have to go through this just because you want to repair your computer, phone or camera. Jumia Mobile Week shares tips that will ensure that you return home with your gadget fully repaired.

1. Get a trusted and experienced engineer

Do not go to computer village and give your MacBook or iPhone to a random engineer. You don’t know if he is trustworthy or experienced. You should talk to your friends so that they can recommend a very reliable engineer for you.

2. Never leave your device with the repairer

This is one mistake some people make when they take their device to computer village. They leave it with the repairer for two or three days. When they return, the engineer may have replaced nearly everything in your device with fakes. Fine, it will work, but when you get home, you will realize that your device will just collapse. The engineer is not at fault because both of you tested it and it worked.

3. Squeeze out a repair Guarantee from him

Yes, you should squeeze a guarantee out of him after he has repaired your device. This will serve as a cushion in case the same fault develops again. Any engineer who is confident about his job will give you two or three days guarantee. Others may even give you a week.

4. Don’t hesitate to take your device if he is not straightforward

If you really want to return home with the device you took to computer village, do not allow the engineer to sweet-talk you especially when you know he is not straightforward. Just take your device and look for another repairer. It is better because you may be told cock and bull story when it is time to collect your device.

5. Shun touts

The best way to lose your phone or device is patronizing touts. They are all over the place. As you saunter into the computer village, they beckon on you asking do you want to buy, sell or repair? Please shun them. Do not patronize them. Go to a proper repair shop where you get a receipt for repairs. Although it may be expensive, you are assured that your device will not be stuck.

6. Don’t do third party repair

What is third party repair? This is when you give your device to an engineer who passes it to another engineer that is unknown to you. When there is any situation, you disturb your own engineer who in turn talk to whoever he gave your device. Between the two of them, you may never get your device back and even if you get it, it may not be fully functional.

7. When there is any back and forth, go with a soldier

This should be the last resort. When you have done everything humanly possible to get back your device and it has proved abortive. The next thing you should do is to visit your engineer with two stern looking soldiers. Leave everything to them. Your device will come out within 5 minutes. And if it means he will buy a new device he has to.
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Friday, April 21, 2017

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7 False Battery Myths Busted, Number 2 Applies to Everyone

7 false battery myths

A battery is the life wire of any phone. Without it, your mobile device will never function. Due to the importance of a battery, there are some misconceptions or rather myths that you may have about batteries that are not true. It's probably time to abandon these myths. Well, Jumia, the leading online mobile phone shop shares 7 of these myths.

1. Off-brand chargers will damage your battery

The truth is you can use any charger to boost your battery and it will not damage your device. The only thing is that it will be very slow and take longer to charge.

2. Don't use your phone while it is charging

The majority of us have heard about this. You must not surf or use your phone while charging because it may weaken the battery. The only time your phone is not working is when you shut it down. But as far as it is on, it will need the battery to function. Hence, there is nothing wrong with using your phone while charging.

3. Turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will extend your battery

The only time Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS drain your battery is when they are not in use. So, do not worry about leaving it on.

4. You should always charge your new smartphone to full before first using it

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Ha…ha...Ha…This is another one. Your new phone doesn’t need to charge 100% before use. According to research, smartphone batteries perform better when it is between 40% and 80%. And since most phones are half-charged, you can use it without charging. Take note that new smartphone comes with a 40% battery charge.

5. Surfing the internet can run down the battery quickly

Surfing or browsing the internet does not drain your battery. This is because browsers like opera mini and chrome are not very heavy in terms of graphics to drain your battery. The only thing your browsing can affect is your data. Although in some cases, if you watch videos online, it may affect your battery.

6. Task managers help prolong your battery life

You have a task manager on your phone to help you manage your apps. It shows you all the apps that are running and the one using the most battery. Despite these, task managers and third party apps don’t affect your battery.

7. Overcharging your phone will kill the battery

When your smartphone is 100%, it automatically stops charging. That is why it is called a smartphone. They are smart.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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7 Signs Your Smartphone Has a Virus

7 Signs Your Smartphone Has a Virus

As far as you use your phone to surf the internet, it is vulnerable to being infected by a virus. However, quite a large number of people are unconscious of this as they download anything and everything. Unfortunately for them, they do not have any form of protection or antivirus. Hence, some do not know if their Smartphone is infected or not. Read on to discover the signs your Smartphone has a virus. A virus can destroy your phone and your sensitive information may be stolen. The best shield is to download an antivirus.

Increased mobile phone charges

You did not subscribe to anything from your service provider but your phone credit is being deducted almost every second. In fact, you called them to complain but they are unaware of such deductions. This means a malicious app is removing your credit to make fake phone calls and send text messages.

Slowdown in performance

We tend to pay more attention to our computer than our phone. Your phone is a mini computer. So, when you notice an unusual slowdown in its function, it may be a sign of a virus infection.

Your phone contacts receive weird text messages

If your contacts call you to talk about a message you did not send, it means a malware has infected your phone. It is attempting to infect your contact's phone by sending spam texts. You should scan your phone if this happens.

Unusual data consumption

For a malicious application to function perfectly, it needs internet. If your phone is connected, the virus will run uninterrupted. Clearly, the virus is using your data. So, if you notice a weird spike in data usage, it may be a virus. Switch off your data and search for the app consuming the highest amount of data.

Significant drop in battery life

Not all battery drains mean the battery is bad or it is time to replace it. It may be that some malicious app is using your battery for certain illegal activities.

New applications

You never downloaded an app but you notice it on your phone. You must have mistakenly clicked a link to automatically download the app. In some cases, you do not need to open the app before the virus infects your phone. You should delete it. In serious situations, you have to format your phone.

Undesirable adverts

Every time you click a link, an annoying advert pops up or your page is flooded with different adverts, it shows that your phone has a malware or virus.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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5 Smart Ways to Stop Thieves From Using Your Mobile Phone

5 Smart Ways to Stop Thieves From Using Your Mobile Phone

You have lost a phone to thieves before. The experience is very bitter. Annoyingly, the phone will disappear without your knowledge. After the phone has grown wings, that is it and many of us scarcely do anything about it. We just move on. Meanwhile, the phone thief is confidently using your phone calling your friends and demanding for money. Many have fallen victim to this theft. In line with this, we have gathered 5 ways to stop thieves from using your mobile phone.

Block the SIM card

Most times, the SIM card is the first thing thieves get rid of when they steal your phone. Others do not bother to remove it but they won’t pick your calls. Since, you are using your phone to perform all sorts of transactions, you should contact your service provider immediately to block it.

Lock it

You can simply setup a password that will prevent others from using your phone. The code will be activated when an unauthorised person accesses it. In some cases, when you lock it, it will render the phone completely unusable.

Use your phone’s built-in features

There are phone features that you can activate to prepare your phone for any theft. On Android phones, you can use the Android Device Manger. You can access the manager online and it will help you locate your phone. On iOS, you have to set up find my phone feature. You can use it to find, text and wipe your device. You can do all these when the phone is switched on.

Insure your phone

For Nigerians who use expensive phones, they can insure it. It will be replaced by the insurance firm. You don’t need to worry about your device being stolen. But that doesn’t mean you should be careless.

Report to the police

You can also make a report to the police. They can help you launch a manhunt to get back your phone.
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